Famous Places to See Whales in the Wild

Ever wanted to witness the majestic whale in its natural habitat? There are a couple of places around the world where your chances of seeing whales is quite good. The very best way to see whales is to go on an actual whale watching trip where boats go out into areas where whales are known to be found in an attempt to find and watch whales.

This requires some planning and a degree of patience. There are whale watching trips offered by 119 countries, and these are often successful because they take the boats out at peak whale season, so the odds are good that you will actually see a whale. Whales can be seen throughout the world in colder and warmer waters. Most of the time there are different peak seasons of activity depending on where you are visiting, so you need to check when that is before planning a whale watching adventure. A really good place to see whales in the wild is off the Western Cape of South Africa. Hermanus in particular is well known and provides good vantage points to view whales from the land. The best month to view whales from the land at Hermanus is in October.

Every year the waters around Alaska are teaming with pods of humpback whales. It is a sight to see these magnificent creatures feeding cooperatively in small groups. Iceland has some really wonderful whale watching opportunities with blue whales, and humpback whales being routinely seen. The best season to view whales off the coast of Iceland is from May to September with blue whales being seen most often during the month of June. The cold waters around Iceland are excellent feeding grounds for whales which are why these waters are so good for whale watching.

Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic is an excellent place to view beluga whales. Vancouver Island is another wonderful place to visit in order to see whales. You can see both humpback whales and grey whales in the waters around Vancouver Island. At least five different types of whales migrate past the shores of western Scotland each year. These include minke whales and sperm whales.

The closest that blue whales are found to shore is off the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. This is a very good spot to see them especially from January to April. Another island that is very good for whales is New Zealand. One can see humpback whales, blue whales, southern right whales and even sperm whales on a trip off the coast of New Zealand.

The Tongo archipelago provides the unique opportunity to see both sperm and humpback whales. The humpback whales actually like to use the warm Polynesian waters as mating grounds. Astounding seven species of whales can be seen off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. The optimal time for whale watching here is from February to April every year. The Pacific coast off the country of Columbia affords excellent opportunities for viewing the magnificent humpback whales. In summary, there are many places that you can visit to see these magnificent creatures.


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